In France: Le Pen Promises 0.7% Of French GDP For “Cooperation With Africa

In France: Le Pen Promises 0.7% Of French GDP For “Cooperation With Africa

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Navy Le Pen, a candidate in the second round of the presidential election, promised on Tuesday evening that it would devote 0.7% of French GDP to “cooperation with Africa”, during a meeting in Paris Devoted to African policy.

“African states are being abandoned, development aid has drastically diminished. I pledge to devote, before 2022, 0.7% of French wealth to cooperation with Africa, “Le Pen said in front of some fifty Africans living in France or French people of African descent.

“We will ensure its proper use,” she promised.

“0.7% is about 15 billion euros, much larger than the 400 million euros actually allocated to development with Africa,” she explained.

Le Pen, who recalled his visit to Chadian President Idriss Déby in mid-March, rejected the “false accusations” of racism and xenophobia, but also hostility towards Africans.

“Do not believe birds of evil omen who do, by their lies, only preserve their rent by manipulating the Africans of France and the French of African origin,” she urged.

“They’d better look at the disastrous record of their policy,” she accused, blaming the “Francophone.”

Le Pen said she was a defender of the “sovereignty” of France and the African countries, rejecting any “interference” or “clientelism”, but saying she was ready, if elected, to “help, push, infuse, For free elections to take place “, when she was questioned on countries where elections were contested such as Congo, Chad or Gabon.


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