Why Are African-Americans So Unforgiving Of “Chrisette Michele” & “Tina Campbell ” Yet Forgives Everyone Else?

Why Are African-Americans So Unforgiving Of “Chrisette Michele” & “Tina Campbell ” Yet Forgives Everyone Else?

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Ear Hustle 411 was asked why African Americans support white organizations which do not support them as well as supporting Arab and Asian companies who do not support African Americans but will hate their own for trying to make a living or having a freedom of choice.

Of course, that was something we had to ponder.  After Surfing the web to see exactly what people were talking about and how they felt about everything in question; we watched the communications, tweets and posts of how people reacted to Chrisette Michele’ and how she received major backlash following her performance at the 2017 presidential inauguration for Donald Trump.

African Americans felt betrayed, let down and felt like they got a kick in the face by these two women whom they supported for years.  They feel that Donald Trump is perpetuating hate and reinforcing racism to the highest level and for that, they are hurt at their choices. They are now considered Sell Outs!!!

There were many speculations that Trump paid her upwards of $750K and some were saying he stiffed her and never paid her as he did some of his contractors.  Needless to say, she did what she thought was best for her family and that was to perform for a sitting president per his request.  Many felt she sold her soul to the devil and have completely stopped supporting her.

Most recently, she was dropped from her record label allegedly due to poor album sales and she also talked about how depression and stress caused her to have a miscarriage.  Some simply just did not care.

We then saw where Gospel Singer Tina Campbell one half of the group Mary Mary disclosed she voted for Donald Trump because of his Christian Values and his disdain for homosexuality.  She did not back down when confronted.  Matter of fact, African-Americans felt she had a nasty disposition and an ugly attitude when she gave her reasons for voting for him.

She too is suffering financial loss because she had to cancel her concerts due to poor ticket sales.

Isn’t this what African Americans fought for?  Freedom of Speech, Equal Rights, Freedom of Expression, The Right to Vote and the ability to work and feed their families?  If so, why should these two women be singled out by their own for making a personal choice?

Well, when asked that question, most African Americans said they have the choice also on who they support and they simply choose not to support them because with choices comes consequences and they have those rights too.

The real question comes in when we were asked,” why will African Americans boycott their own people for simple choices and yet will continue to support major corporations that have made blacks look bad during advertising campaigns for the world to see”?

Dove just recently created a commercial where a black woman took a shower using Dove brand and became clean and white afterward, blacks called it racist yet Dove never lost a dime, Kellogg’s created a racially insensitive Corn Pops box yet blacks are still buying corn pops. Pepsi has made racial commercials and you still have black people say, “I don’t care, I gotta have my Pepsi. Mountain Dew, Burger King, NFL, and even Google to name a few have all made racially insensitive advertisements yet these companies are all still in business with much of its support from African Americans.  So why turn on your own for simply singing a darn song or voting for someone you don’t like?

We here so many people of all races calling African Americans Hypocrites for picking and choosing who they will destroy and it’s usually their own.    We ask that you all chime in and tell us why African-Americans will not forgive Tina Campbell and Chrisette Michele but will forgive everyone else. There was even speculation that African Americans love to see each other suffer and that Even Dylan Roof was forgiven from the very same people whose families he murdered in church.  So why are these two women being held with their feet to the fire???  Do you think if they apologize they will be forgiven or is this a lost cause?


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  1. Julia November 3, 2017 at 12:05 am

    The lost cause in support for these two women have more to do with them being misinformed or not paying attention on issues that affect their own communities. In this climate of hate, it is unconscionable to be that ignorant on what 45 stands for. They had all the same information most of us have but have failed to connect it to the needs of their own people by voting for him and that is what’s unforgiveable, their ignorance when they want our support.

  2. Val Hicks November 3, 2017 at 12:28 am

    I never was really a fan of either of these artist . Tried to watch the Mary Mary reality show but not a reality show watcher either. Tina’s explanation for her Trump support seemed ridiculous as Trump had behaved nothing like a follower of Christ before, during or after the campaign Her demeanor seemed combative and she comes off as arrogant. Chrisette’s explanation.for her actions were more understandable to me than Tina’s. She was attempting reconciliation through her music, but I’m sure the promised paycheck also played into her decision. She did apologize if people took her taking that gig as an insult. As far as product support, not many black owned options but black people are becoming more savvy about where they plunk down their dollars and less forgiving to corporations who disc us.

  3. Shad November 3, 2017 at 3:59 am

    Bc we’re tired of The BS.
    Coons get called out and head accountable at all times

    Negro Bed Wenches need to be held accountable too.
    Jemele Hill has our Support so let’s not make this a “black females always get shunned or face more backlash than anyone” Story.

    They made their bed. Lie in it

  4. David November 3, 2017 at 9:27 am

    I think the list of items you listed are goods/services that black people actually need or feel they need in their day to day lives. If blacks could get those same goods from a black owned company at the same price, they would stop buying from the non black merchants that belittles them.

    Purchasing music and going to concerts are not a necessity. These two artists chose to ignore the feelings of their fan base and I guess felt that their audience would get mad and get over it sooner than later. But it backfired. Now… these two artist are just going to have to try to market their music to Donald Trump supporters to make a living.

    What’s the point of performing for Trump if your fan base is not part of the ceremony or celebration? What’s the point of going public about voting for Trump if the majority of your fan base aren’t?

    The difference between the non black companies that disrespect black people and black people that disrespect black people is that… The non black company knows that blacks have no other options, when it comes to the goods and services that is provided.

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